How we help

Advocacy and social change

We respond to and support positive social change through a range of projects. And we use our voice, as one of Australia’s largest mental health specialists, to fight for change and system improvements that will benefit all Australians.

Our advocacy work

At Neami, we are more than a service provider; we are advocates for change. We fight for change and system improvements that will benefit all Australians.

Here’s a closer look at our advocacy efforts:

Our social change programs

Through a range of projects, we develop the capabilities and resources to adapt and respond to support positive change.

  • Reducing Homelessness


A project which aims to reduce homelessness in Geelong, Victoria, by 2025. Local services work together to link people with the support they need. 

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  • Youth Suicide Prevention


Our suicide prevention website designed by, and for, young people. It supports young people who want to help their friends who are in emotional distress and crisis. 

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  • Employment Support


A pilot program focused on helping job seekers who experience mental health challenges to find and maintain employment. It includes online learning, group workshops and a coach with lived or living experience. 

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