Annual report

We’re pleased to share a selection of our achievements from across the year in our 2022-23 Annual Report. This year we’ve had the opportunity to support over 38,000 people to achieve the wellbeing and mental health outcomes that matter to them. Thank you for trusting us to walk alongside you. 

Thank you to funders, partners, staff, communities and consumers who’ve trusted us to walk alongside them.

In this year’s Annual Report we reflect on how Neami is evolving, including the roll-out of transdisciplinary services like Head to Health centres, how we’re embedding our values-led framework for practice and how we organise ourselves for greatest impact.  


We celebrate and recognise our staff, the amazing workforce that makes what we do possible. Neami staff show up every day with care, dedication, professionalism and an unshakeable belief that everyone should have the opportunity to live a full life.

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Lived experience

Neami staff bring diverse skills and experience to their work. This year 19% of staff worked in designated lived experience roles right across Neami services and Head Office teams. At our Head to Health centres guests benefit from the shared wisdom of lived experience workers at key points in their Head to Health journey. The peer-first, peer-last approach ensures guests first and last contact with the service is with a lived experience worker, helping to create a safe space for support.  

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Work on our Reconciliation Action Plan

More than a year on from the release of Neami’s 2022-24 Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), we reflect on our achievements and journey so far. We are proud to be the first non-Indigenous organisation in Australia to be embedding Indigenous governance principles across all facets of our organisation.  

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We want to influence policy decisions, raise awareness of system challenges, propose solutions, and advocate for change that will improve the mental health and wellbeing for all Australians. This year we have sharpened our focus on advocacy at Neami, developing our first National Advocacy Strategy to guide our efforts in this space.  

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Continuing to support people

We know that when we work together, we can support better outcomes for people. Thank you to the partners, funders, communities and staff we’ve had the opportunity to work closely with this year. Together we’ve extended our impact and provided more meaningful support across Australia through our programs and services.

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Supporting many across Australia.

Small enough to listen. Big enough to speak up.

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