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Our culture is about learning and improving. We strive to deliver the support that people want in the way they want it. By asking the right questions and listening carefully, we continue to learn and do better.

We’re curious to understand what matters

We want to understand what people want and need to improve their wellbeing. We ask questions about how well our services have worked, and how we can make them better. We ask people about their experience of using Neami services so we can improve the experience for the next person. We use this information and research to inform our practice and design our services. We look at what’s working in services both locally and globally.

We build our practice on our research and the wisdom of people with lived and living experience of mental health challenges.

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Undertaking research with Neami

We see research and evaluation as part of service delivery and improvement. Without being curious about the mental health services we deliver; we cannot be innovative and relevant for the people we support. We share what we learn with others to contribute to learning beyond Neami.

We support our research through the Neami Research and Evaluation Committee. The Committee ensures:

  • We conduct research and evaluation activities in partnership with consumers,
  • We prioritise the perspectives of participants with a lived experience of mental health challenges and/or adversity,
  • Our research is safe, achievable, and relevant, and;
  • Will inform service delivery within Neami National or the industry.

Interested in undertaking a research project with Neami?

Download and read the Neami Research and Evaluation Framework to ensure that your project aligns with Neami’s priorities.

Contact the Neami Research and Evaluation team to arrange a time to chat about your project.

Participating in research

Your knowledge, experience and expertise are integral to our research and evaluation activities. We use co-design, co-production and participatory approaches in our work.  These approaches create a space for mutual sharing of knowledge and expertise. This results in outcomes that have relevance, value and credibility for consumers and staff.

You can work with us to develop new knowledge by:

Improve our services

Opportunities to get involved

Are you interested in contributing to research projects at Neami? Check out our Improve our services page to see the current opportunities to be involved in our research.

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Contact the team for information about our research projects or to enquire about opportunities to take part in our research.

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