Pre-Budget Submission 2024-25

25 January 2024
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Supporting recovery for people living with psychosocial disability

Neami has called for whole-of-government commitment and investment in the mental health support sector ahead of the 2024-25 federal budget. 

Evidence tells us Australia needs community-embedded, psychosocial supports that are flexible and responsive to the immediate and longer-term needs of individuals, their families, supporters and carers.  

It’s also imperative that services respond to our communities’ intersectional needs, such as the high rates of concurrent homelessness and mental ill-health.  

In our contribution to Treasury’s pre-budget consultation process, we outlined four key priorities for the Australian Government: 

  1. Invest in a national program of psychosocial supports
  2. Expand evidence-based homeless support programs for people living with serious and persistent mental ill-health 
  3. Invest in the development of a high-quality national psychosocial workforce 
  4. Reform commissioning and funding approaches for a sustainable mental health and wellbeing system. 

Our priority recommendations seek to ensure a future where every Australian enjoys optimum mental health and wellbeing, and the opportunity to live a full life.