Geelong Zero Project

Bringing together local organisations to reduce homelessness in the Geelong region and end rough sleeping by 2025.

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What is Geelong Zero?

Geelong Zero is bringing local organisations together to reduce homelessness in central Geelong and end rough sleeping by 2025.

Geelong Zero was officially launched on 14 October 2022 and is a community-led initiative supported by Neami National, the Australian Alliance to End Homelessness and other local organisations.

Through this project, local services work together to develop a list of people sleeping rough, and with their permission, share this information across support organisations. The aim is to link people with the appropriate support they need and ultimately move each person on the list into a home.

To be eligible for support through Geelong Zero a person must be experiencing rough sleeping in central Geelong. To make a referral or for more information, please email the Geelong Zero team.

If you are rough sleeping and would like to access support through Geelong Zero, please call our team.

We are inviting other local support organisations to join us in Geelong Zero project.


Geelong Zero is funded by Give Where You Live Foundation. Neami National is leading the initiative with support from the Australian Alliance to End Homelessness, Bethany Community Support, City of Greater Geelong, Gen U, Haven Home Safe, Lazarus Community Centre, Salvation Army, The Outpost, Victoria Police, Volunteering Geelong and Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-op.

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If your organisation is interested in getting involved, email or call our team.

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