Participating in research

Consumer knowledge, experience and expertise are integral to our research and evaluation activities. We utilise concepts related to co-design, co-production and participatory research in our work.

This approach creates a space for mutual sharing between different forms of knowledge and expertise, resulting in outcomes that have relevance, value and credibility for consumers and staff.

We support consumers in exercising their citizenship right to contribute to new knowledge development by:

Helping to design projects

We consult with people who use our services on the design and methods used in projects.

Participating in projects

People who use our services can choose to directly participate in projects e.g. completing surveys, interviews, focus groups, telephone surveys, face-to-face interviews or questionnaires.

Carrying out research

People with a personal experience of recovery are at times employed to undertake research activities e.g. conduct interviews

Applying to participate in research at Neami

If you are interested in participating in a research project at Neami contact your support worker or contact the Research and Evaluation team.