Exploring the co-location of the Brisbane South Head to Health Phone Service and Metro South Health’s MH CALL


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The Head to Health Phone Service (HTHPS) is a collaborative effort involving Metro South Health, Brisbane South PHN, and Neami National. HTHPS, managed by Neami National for Brisbane South PHN, operates within Metro South Health offices alongside the Metro South MH CALL service. The co-location of two mental health intake services is an innovative approach aimed at streamlining referral pathways and providing integrated mental health support across clinical and non-clinical services. HTHPS was officially launched in October 2022.

This report is the result of a review conducted by the Neami National Research and Evaluation team in collaboration with an external researcher based in Brisbane. The review process started in October 2022 and involved collecting data between February and June 2023. The final report was completed in September 2023. This report explores the implementation of the Head to Health Phone Service (HTHPS), including preliminary service data, insights from staff regarding the partnership, and the impact of co-location on the services.

Various methods were used to gather information, including observing the services, reviewing documents, using the Collaboration Health Assessment Tool (CHAT) with all participating organisations, and conducting in-depth interviews with MH CALL and HTHPS staff members and their leaders.

It’s important to note that this report doesn’t include input from service users due to challenges in engaging with them, which are explained in detail in the report.

Who is involved

Neami National, Brisbane South PHN and Metro South Health

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Summary of findings

The report’s findings show that setting up a co-located service is complicated. While the partnership between clinical and non-clinical teams is proving beneficial, it hasn’t been without its challenges. The key to the partnership’s success is a dedicated leadership team that shares a common vision, can work in both practice models, and is quick to address issues and conflicts fairly. Sharing a workspace has helped the teams understand each other better, making them more empathetic when working together, and challenges the “us vs. them” attitude that can be seen in the wider mental health system.


Cristal Hall

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Dr Mathew Ling

Mathew is a social scientist with a background in psychology.
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