Head to Health Implementation Co-Evaluation

This implementation co-evaluation is designed to help facilitate a dynamic and explorative learning process for Neami and the sector.


All staff involved in implementing the new Head to Health model of care will have a chance to help us learn about and improve these services through this process.

This project is funded and coordinated by Neami and will be conducted in partnership with ALIVE using a co-evaluation approach to learn more about how the implementation of Neami’s Head to Health services is going and how to help Neami and it’s services continue to improve.

Neami Head to Health staff, guests and other stakeholders have already been and will be involved in the project as participants and in co-design processes to help design how the co-evaluation will be conducted.

The co-evaluation aims to get an overview of the implementation of the Head to Health services at this stage in their delivery to enable learning about enablers and barriers to implementation of these pilot services to provide an evidence base to enhance the model of care.

The aims of this project are to understand:

  • Who is using the centres, why, how, and their experience of use
  • Integration of the centres into local service ecosystems
  • The local implementation experience
  • Neami’s service model and learnings from early implementation

The project will have a variety of data collection phases and approaches including co-design groups, interviews, surveys, eco-mapping and document analyses to obtain wide range of participant perspectives

Who is involved?

Neami National and ALIVE


In progress


Dr. Priscilla Ennals

Priscilla (she/her) has worked in the role of Senior Manager of Research and Evaluation at Neami National since 2016.
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Emily Castagnini

Emily is a mental health researcher with technical skills in quantitative and qualitative research methodologies and in health program evaluation obtained in her Masters of Public Health.
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