Research to support recovery

We collaborate on projects that align with our values, strategic directions and that are likely to be of benefit for people with mental illness.

Research includes the process of finding, selecting, using and producing evidence to support decisions related to our service delivery.

Evaluation aims to improve programs and services by identifying where we can make changes by asking questions like:

  • Does the program or service work?
  • How well is it working?
  • What could be done to make it work better?

We prioritise research and evaluation activities with direct and practical application to our delivery of services. We want to better understand:

  • What people want and need to support their recovery and improve their mental health and wellbeing
  • How mental health services can contribute to people living lives based on their strengths, values and goals
  • How our services impact on people’s lives and recovery process
  • How we can better meet peoples’ needs through improvements and innovation 

We improve the quality of our services through measuring outcomes and testing efficacy, consumer engagement and the clinical usefulness of new programs and interventions.

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We are continually evaluating the outcomes of our research with participants, consumers, stakeholders and the broader mental health sector to improve services and contribute to new knowledge developme

Research and Evaluation projects