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About Partners in Wellbeing

This free service offers one-on-one support for people in Victoria to help improve wellbeing, develop strategies to cope and receive emotional support when and as you need it. 


Who is this for?

To access Partners in Wellbeing, you need to be 16 or over and: 

  • Live in Victoria 
  • Experiencing increased life stressors  
  • Your usual coping strategies are not working 
  • Noticing signs of anxiety, depression or stress that have lasted more than a few weeks 

What to expect

Wellbeing Coaching 

Support to manage anxiety, depression or stress 

Support from an experienced Wellbeing Coach to help improve your wellbeing and develop strategies to cope with anxiety, depression or stress. 

Small Business Support 

Help to keep a business running 

Expert advice, counselling and professional mentoring to build on your business strengths and clear your thoughts, to make wise business decisions.

Veterans support 

Support from a lived experience veteran 

Working with a fellow veteran, improve your wellbeing and develop strategies to cope with isolation, stress, worry, anxiety or feeling low. 

How to access this service

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You can call our service during opening hours. Your call with our staff will be confidential.

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Additional info


Partners in Wellbeing is funded by the Victorian Government and is being delivered by Neami National, EACH and the Australian Community Support Organisation across Victoria. 

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