Connection, Collaboration, Care: YFlex Practice Approach

This document describes the practice and impact of YFlex, an intensive, multidisciplinary youth support service delivered by Neami and funded by the Eastern Melbourne PHN.

Who is involved

Neami National Research & Evaluation and YFlex staff; young people, families/carers, and referrers who engage with YFlex.

Project status


Drawing on service data, interviews with young people, staff, and carers, and surveys with young people, carers, and stakeholders, this document outlines who accesses YFlex, the approach that guides team practice and their ways of working, and the outcomes achieved by young people and families/carers through their engagement with the service.

YFlex provides centre-based and outreach support to young people aged 12-25 and their families/carers. Support is provided by a multidisciplinary team skilled across a range of clinical interventions and peer support.

YFlex’s non-judgemental, youth friendly, and holistic approach has resulted in young people recording statistically significant improvements to K10, HONOS and HONOSCA scores, and:

  • Improved sense of hope for the future
  • Deeper understanding of their own mental health experiences
  • Improved wellbeing and psychosocial functioning
  • An emergent sense of mastery and control
  • Improved family dynamics
  • Greater trust in the system


Rebecca Spies