Housing and homelessness

A targeted, ‘wrap around’ approach can prevent homelessness and support the way to long-term housing.

We work with people to identify their needs and offer a range of support, including:

  • Finding a range of social, affordable and private housing
  • Assisting with housing applications
  • Supporting the establishment of housing
  • Case management and coordination of housing
  • Integrating clinical and physical health care
  • Crisis assistance

The connection between homelessness and mental illness is well known, especially amongst people with long histories of homelessness and who have spent time sleeping rough. Once people are in a stable home it’s easier to make other changes to improve health and wellbeing.

We work in assertive outreach teams to establish relationships and pathways that make housing a real option for people with complex needs, who are living rough on the street. We also coordinate with other services as needed, connecting people to ongoing support, crisis assistance and primary health care. 

Our housing first approach focuses on helping people secure long-term housing and be provided wrap-around support to remain housed.