A Community for Healing – Youth Residential Recovery Services, Youth Outreach Recovery Services Practice Approach


  • Service evaluations
  • Youth Mental Health

This document was developed by R&E with the support of Neami’s YRRs staff and service managers. It captures the practice and impact of the Youth Residential Recovery Services (YRRS – formerly Youth Residential Rehabilitation Services) and Youth Outreach Recovery Service (YORS) delivered by Neami National and funded by the Victorian Department of Health.

The document outlines who accesses the YRRS and YORS, the approach that guides team practice and their ways of working, and the outcomes achieved by young people through their engagement with these services.

Who is involved?

Neami National (2 Research Officers, 2 Lived Experience Researchers, YRRS/YORS Staff and Service Managers)

Project status



Rebecca Spies

Bek (she/her) is a qualitative researcher, passionate about participatory approaches to research and evaluation and their potential to disrupt the status quo and redistribute power.
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Rebecca Egan

Bec (she/they/we) is a qualitative Lived Experience Researcher.
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Cristal Hall

Cristal is a Research and Design Coordinator.
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