Residential mental health

Short to medium-term support helping to avoid hospitalisation or support the transition back to the community.

Reduce hospital stays

At our residential services, we work with you to help avoid admission or re-admission to hospital or acute care, by providing support to:

  • Reduce psychological distress
  • Assess your immediate and long-term needs
  • Monitor your safety and wellbeing
  • Develop a relapse prevention plan
  • Connect with clinical services, carers and community supports
  • Develop exit plans and facilitate family involvement where appropriate

The services are not a replacement for acute inpatient care but an option that can prevent the need for hospitalisation when becoming unwell. This can often prevent acute episodes, hospitalisation and higher level trauma.

Transition to the community

For people leaving hospital, we provide a supportive and understanding environment that assists in:

  • developing daily coping skills
  • managing symptoms and medication
  • re-connecting with the community and support networks
  • maintaining wellness and overall health

Recovery-oriented support

Residential services provide a recovery-oriented supportive environment enabling you to:

  • Focus on developing and working towards personal recovery goals.
  • Plan for transition back into community living
  • Establish daily routines including cooking, cleaning, and shopping
  • Develop and maintain links with your local community

The services feature multi-disciplinary teams including people with an experience of mental health recovery.

You will regularly meet with your team of support staff including health professionals to identify and work towards your lifestyle and wellbeing goals.