Disbandment of Links to Wellbeing

03 July 2023
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Many of the Links to Wellbeing services will transition to the new Southern Wellbeing Hub, funded by the Adelaide PHN, which launches on 3 July 2023. These services include:

  • Low Intensity Interventions: Short-term mental health support including phone-based therapy and group support programs
  • Psychological Therapies (under Structured Psychological Therapy Services: Generalist and Specialist): One on one support for people experiencing mental illness
  • Suicide Prevention Services (under Structured Psychological Therapy Services Suicide Prevention): Support to manage distress, prevent self-harm and suicide, and reduce the need for emergency support such as hospital admission
  • Perinatal Program (under Structured Psychological Therapy Perinatal Program): Individual and group services for women/expecting or new parents who are experiencing perinatal depression and anxiety
  • Mothers and Infants dialectical behavioural therapy: Therapy for mothers and individuals experiencing very strong emotions
  • Clinical Care Coordination: Support to coordinate with all the people involved in someone’s care and support networks to ensure the right support.

The Lived Experience Telephone Support Service will transition from Links to Wellbeing to Skylight from October.

The Links to Wellbeing Shared Care service will continue to be delivered as a Neami National service.

The Links to Wellbeing services that will be discontinued are:

  • Walk-in, After-hours Mental Health Service
  • Connected in Wellbeing

During this transition phase, we will assist consumers to transition to alternative services where needed and continue to update and communicate changes with existing consumers.

We also thank our Links to Wellbeing staff and our partners, for the meaningful support they have provided across the Central and Southern Adelaide communities.