Letting go

06 May 2024
Teresa Indiv
By Teresa Hall

It can be hard to let go. Sometimes every part of our being just wants to hold on tight. But it can get so tight our grip starts to hurt, and we start to bleed out. Some of us are holding on to grief, some of us on loss, on the past, on control or even on revenge. It can bleed out on to all that we love, our hopes, our dreams and we can hold on so long the value of what we grasped has long passed. We can bleed out onto our children, our family, our community. And we can in turn push them into holding on to their own things just as strong. But imagine if we slowly softened our grip, held it softly in our hands or even put it down. It’s not always that easy, sometimes it takes time, it takes support, it takes strength. Imagine if we all slowly softened our grip.