Photo stories for impact

This project used art to centre Lived Experience voices, share photos and stories, and inform the development of Neami’s first Social Impact Strategy.


This project gallery features Photo Stories by people with Lived Experience about what ‘social impact’ means to them.

Twenty-two people participated in this project through workshops held in Western Australia and Victoria in 2023.

The Photo Stories capture people’s hopes for the future for individuals, communities, the mental health system, and the environment.

We are excited to share these photo stories and extend our deepest gratitude to the people with Lived Experience who participated in the project.

We appreciate the time, creativity, vulnerability, energy, openness, and curiosity generously shared with us.

Photo Stories

Alison Indiv


By Alison Marshall
My hope for individuals is that all people will feel supported enough by others and the system to experience a place of non-judgement and balance to be able to move forward in life with love, strength, joy and peace as their companions. Metaphor for life: May today be the day I courageously pursue every opportunity for my highest good. I am in the process of positive change and I’m ready to embrace the waves of life. I’ve got this. Dive in.
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Chez 3. Mumma Papa Bear

Mumma and Papa Bear

By Chez
My fear of big dogs is now gone after spending time with these two beautiful shepherds. They have also warmed up to me and Ted over the time we spend together. My hopes for the community is for people to stop fearing big/louds etc, to realise that all animals need and deserve kindness, patience and respect. If we approach anyone with fear we will receive fear back. Family, courage, peace, love, confidence, unity.
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Chez 4. Rocky and Peach

Rocky and Peach

By Chez
Peach (on the left), has significantly calmed down over a few months I’ve known her. I’ve noticed she doesn’t fret or excessively bark at strangers or Teddy and I anymore. Because there’s less barking it creates a nicer environment for everyone walking by. Rocky used to be shy but now rams into the fence with excitement, LOL. WORDS: Cute, growth, learn, calm, patience, acceptance.
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Catherine Env


By Catherine Berger
The clouds pass over and across the river each day. It strikes me as I watch people sit, pass by, greet each other and move, that people are cloud-like too. Our individual moods, shadow-selves and feelings are in states of flux; as passing clouds. Trees reflected here remind me of arms above and shelter for all the birds.
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By Sally
When something is undisturbed, it grows, and the owners in this beautiful home in the forest has let it be and not uproot nor change anything but live there to enjoy it.
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Sally Env


By Sally
I love that this long stretch of Red Rock stands through years, unshaken and has such spiritual effect.
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Teresa Env

Value the wealth of our land

By Teresa Hall
The bottlebrush, beautiful, home to many birds and critters, grows everywhere in Perth and yet can make refreshing cordials and delicious garnishes for treats! How crazy is it that we are surrounded by such beautiful and delicious foods rich in vitamins and nutrients, designed to grow for exactly where we live yet we ignore its value completely and instead spend all our energy destroying our environment to grow food that struggles to flourish in our climate. Imagine if native ingredients were a large and normal part of our cuisine, sourced from First Nations owned companies. How much more appreciation we would have for our environment, for the wisdom of our First Nations people and how much less destruction we would need to create to satisfy our taste buds let alone just to feed ourselves. It’s never been about our land being scarce of food, our country has been sustaining people for over 60,000 years. It’s just our colonial society has chosen to not value what it has right in front of it, and totally disregarded the wealth of cultural knowledge that’s been refined for so long before it.
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Higher perspective

By Alison Marshall
My hope for the environment is that all of Humanity will remember to view our beautiful earth and oceans from a higher perspective and be in awe of their beauty. That individuals and industry will tread lightly upon our homeland and will nurture nature into a place of healing and peace, so she may support life. That consciousness will be the new currency.
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Edward Env

Light Breaks Amongst the Leaves

By Edward
This is a photo of a tree that’s outside my unit, aside the skies it’s the first thing I see out the window. In contemplating the meaning of this project there’s this qualia that’s occurred when I try to articulate thoughts that seem so obvious, it’s a real sense of embarrassment and yet also clarity to me. That interactions between the concepts of the individual, the community, the system, and of the environment are interconnected and that such hopes of a better future involves deep thoughtfulness of one’s capacity and limitations to affect the lesser and greater scales of meaningful change.
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About the project

The Photo Stories for Impact project was launched to support the development of Neami’s first Social Impact Strategy. Social impact is about the big picture, how we contribute to better long-term outcomes for society and the planet, now and into the future.

At Neami we believe it is essential that consumer, carer, and community perspectives inform strategy development and have influence at all levels of mental health organisations.

Photovoice (the methodology used in this project) is considered an accessible and culturally appropriate method that can reduce barriers to participation. It centres people’s Lived Experience and creates space for diverse ways of knowing, doing and being.

Using this approach allowed us to explore and honour the diverse and unique stories shared by participants, as well as create a collective narrative that speaks to the heart of what matters and the change people want to see for individuals, communities, systems, and the environment.

These insights have helped us align our strategic goals and initiatives with real needs and aspirations for positive social change.

Conditions at the heart of the Photovoice process

  • Creating an environment of non-judgement
  • Celebrating the strength of vulnerability
  • Creating a mutually beneficial experience
  • Valuing Lived Experience and diverse perspectives
  • Connecting as people
  • Being flexible, and building an accessible and inclusive environment.
T aking pho t os 1 W riting w o r ds 2 Sharing & r e fl ecting 3 Finding common themes 4 W e a ving insigh t s in t o st r a te gy 5 Indivi d ual s t ories Col l ecti v e s t ories

Outcomes of the Photovoice process

  • Promoting dialogue about important issues
  • Connecting with and informing decision makers
  • Sharing back with individuals and the communities involved in the process

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