Suicide Aware

Providing best-practice postvention (responses to the impact of suicide and sudden loss) for an organisation's unique context.

Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm.
Closed Public Holidays.

Alison Clements
Manager Suicide Aware

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Strengthening organisational responses to suicide and sudden loss

We design evidence-informed toolkits to increase staff safety, organisational sustainability and positive client outcomes.

Suicide Aware addresses the legislative requirements for psychosocial safety relevant to a range of workplaces, including:

  • First responders
  • Banking and financial services
  • Community mental health
  • Primary and tertiary health care
  • Funeral and mortuary services
  • Food and emergency relief services
  • Homelessness services
  • Drug and alcohol services.

Address workplace hazards and risks

Staff and volunteers in frontline roles and those working with suicide and sudden loss are at risk of emotional burnout, vicarious trauma and suicidal thoughts.

These risks may result in extended staff leave, reduced performance, high staff turnover, compensation or legal claims and poorer client outcomes.

Suicide Aware addresses these challenges and improves organisational preparedness, practice and supports.

A collaborative design process to meet your needs

Suicide Aware uses a collaborative process to understand your organisational context.

We work together to design a best-practice toolkit that matches your organisation’s needs.

Suicide Aware Toolkit

Your Toolkit includes strategies and materials for governance, evidenced-based training, resources and networking.

Suicide Aware Toolkit

Select one or multiple components of the Suicide Aware Toolkit.

  • Staff induction
  • Governance and practice frameworks
  • Staff supports - peer and supervisory models
  • Evidenced-based training and professional development
  • Communication and cultural development
  • Workflow adjustments
  • Bespoke staff and client resources
  • Localised referral networks and supports
  • Implementation and evaluation tools

Support for embedding change

An accompanying implementation and evaluation program supports the Toolkit's introduction and measures staff and client outcomes for ongoing improvement.

Best-practice Postvention

Suicide Aware is informed by university research on our bespoke training packages and established Australian frameworks, including:

  • Postvention Australia
  • Suicide Prevention Australia
  • National Mental Health Commission
  • WA Government Code of Practice- Psychosocial Hazards in the Workplace)

Feedback from managers about Suicide Aware

"We have a greater awareness of how to mitigate the potential effect of burnout and vicarious trauma on staff."

"Staff are more informed about what to expect and how to best respond to people bereaved by suicide and sudden loss."

"Practical workflow, communications and staff support initiatives have been implemented to support staff wellbeing and resilience."

Suicide Aware is a collaborative consultancy developed by Neami National.