Single Adults Homelessness Service

Western Sydney Nepean Blue Mountains, NSW

Monday - Friday
8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Closed public holidays

Madeleine Prince | Service Manager

The Single Adults Homelessness Service (SAHS) supports people in temporary accommodation, to obtain permanent, safe and affordable housing.

Funded by the NSW Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ), the program provides supports to single adults aged 25 years or over, or First Nations People 18 years and over, in the Western Sydney Nepean Blue Mountains district.

Working with each person allows us to address other parts of life, such as physical and mental health needs, drug and alcohol use or financial independence.

SAHS ensures the right support is in place to maintain a long-term tenancy.

We work in partnership with DCJ Housing, health services, general practitioners and other community services to address the needs of people with complex health needs and long histories of sleeping rough.

We receive our referrals directly through DCJ Housing in the WSNBM district.