Penrith Head to Health

111 Henry St, Penrith, New South Wales 2750

Call between 8.30 am-5 pm Monday to Friday or drop in between 1 pm-9.30 pm 7 days per week.

Lina Nador | Service Manager

Find a way forward, together.

Penrith Head to Health is a free service offering caring, friendly and helpful support for people experiencing psychological distress, suicidal thoughts and crisis, in a calm and welcoming environment.

A new way to access support

Penrith Head to Health is a free service, and you can arrive between 1 pm – 9.30 pm seven days per week.

Penrith Head to Heath is for adults who:

  • are experiencing distress, feeling overwhelmed or are worried about themselves
  • do not need urgent medical attention
  • are willing to come to Penrith Head to Health.

We also offer support for carers and families of people experiencing distress.

Refer someone you know

We’re here to help you through times of distress

Whether you’re trying to improve your sense of wellbeing, looking for help with something that’s bothering you, or helping someone you care about, Penrith Head to Health is here for you.

Our team will work with you to understand what will help right now, and then if needed, help you find the right support for later.

Using a combination of lived experience and on-site clinical support, we provide:

  • immediate help to reduce distress
  • help to safely cope with thoughts of suicide
  • help to navigate through a crisis
  • support to improve your wellbeing
  • help to connect with ongoing support.

Visit us to learn more

If you think you may need support in the future or know someone who does, you can drop in and learn more about how we can help.

Refer someone you know

If you know someone who may benefit from visiting Penrith Head to Health, you can call 1800 595 212 or use the form below to make a referral.

Penrith Head to Health accepts referrals from GPs, mental health services, community services, carers, families and individuals.

Penrith Head to Health referral form

Working together to support the community

Penrith Head to Health is delivered by Neami National and funded by the Nepean Blue Mountains Primary Health Network

Working with the community, including clinical and community services, helps us provide the right support for now and for the future.

Keep up to date with the latest

We will send out occasional updates and announcements about Penrith Head to Health and related activities.