Great consumer experience

A great consumer experience is at the heart of a great service. Every staff member works to ensure we achieve this.

Consumer and carer input is vital in helping us to create great consumer experiences. Across the range of our services, we consult with consumers, carers, family and staff to understand how we can continue to improve and provide great consumer experiences into the future.

Through consultation and collaboration we have found that a great consumer experience is found in:

  • The relationship with the key worker is fundamental
  • Responsive, flexible and person-centred support delivered by knowledgeable and caring staff
  • Links to a range of services to support continuity across all aspects of life
  • Respect and lack of stigma around mental health as well as sexuality, culture and lifestyle choices
  • Avoiding a one size fits all approach to service delivery

We regularly review and improve our services and how staff engage with consumers to consistently deliver a great consumer experience. The changes we make mean the way we do things reflects how people want to experience the services we deliver.

We also have an ongoing desire to innovate and improve, and we constantly evaluate our service and approach to ensure we know what works best for people living with mental illness.

We have a Research and Evaluation team involved in high quality, ethical research and evaluation that translates knowledge into improved services and better outcomes for consumers.

Tell us what you think

Feedback is an important aspect of our service, and we seek to listen to and take on board feedback and complaints and use them to improve the way we work.

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