Victorian Intake service funded to assist with NDIS access

04 October 2018
NDIS Intake- Lady taking phone call on headset
Neami’s MHCSS Intake and Assessment service has received funding to assist consumers to access the NDIS.

The service will utilise the experience and skills of our Intake and Assessment workers to assist people to understand, engage in and complete the NDIS access process.

The service can:

  • Assist consumers to gather supporting evidence and complete the Access Request form
  • Liaise with health services and general practitioners/private psychiatrists
  • Act as a contact person for NDIS queries, at the consumer’s request
  • Collect and collate additional evidence, if required by the NDIS, to ensure timely completion of the access process
  • Follow-up with the NDIS on the status of the application
  • Assist consumers to understand and seek a review of the NDIS decision or appeal the decision (if required)
  • The service is available to those in certain areas who have a mental illness, have severe difficulty with day to day tasks and need help to apply for NDIS support.

Phil Watson, Service Manager, shared his thoughts about the new aspect of the service. “We are very excited to be implementing this new Mental Health NDIS Access Project. It means that we can help people navigate this new system and provides some hope that they can get some mental health support. Hopefully this will prevent people falling through the gaps with so many changes in the MHCSS funding,” Phil said.