Neami’s new ‘Future State’ structure implemented 

11 December 2023
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Neami is now working in our new ‘Future State’ operational structure.

This means we’ve moved from a state-based, geographic structure to one where our services are grouped into ‘streams’. 

The past few years have seen particularly significant growth and evolution for Neami – in the last financial year alone, we supported 38,000 people through 70+ services across Australia. 

As we’ve grown as an organisation, the range of supports we provide has diversified.  

The grouping of our services into streams rather than by geographic region allows us to better support consumers, local communities, funders and partners. 

The streams 

The ‘Future State’ streams, and the types of services that sit within them, are: 

  • Integrated Support (Director: Nicole Jolly) – Therapeutic support for people experiencing mental health challenges. 
  • Mental Health Hubs(Director: Peter Warden) – Central locations for people experiencing distress to access free support, including their families or carers.  
  • Community Connection and Wellbeing (Director: Karen Thomas) – Focus on walking alongside people to support them through holistic, community-based models of care.  
  • Safety and Homelessness (Director: James Bell) – A range of services relating to suicide prevention, family violence support, young people and homelessness.

The Service Excellence Hub  

The streams will be supported by a Service Excellence Hub – a central point for service improvement activity.  

The Service Excellence Hub will drive national collaboration, and learning and innovation, and help ensure broader consistency in quality and safety, best practice and continuous improvement. 

Importantly, it will also support our ongoing efforts to intentionally centre diverse perspectives and embed our approach to elevating lived and living experience workforce and leadership. 

Organisational change of this size has required significant contributions from staff right across Neami.  

We’d like to thank Right Lane Consulting who partnered with us on this project, and all staff who have been involved in ‘Future State’, from initial planning right through to implementation.  

Their work has been integral to creating the foundation for Neami’s next chapter – one in which we continue to: 

  • learn, evolve and innovate 
  • partner for meaningful impact, and  
  • deliver high-quality services to support the mental health and wellbeing of people across Australia.