Neami’s Future State

19 June 2023
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Neami is currently transitioning to a new operational structure to better support our service delivery.

A culture of continuous improvement and innovation has resulted in significant change and growth, enabling us to continue supporting positive outcomes for consumers, staff, stakeholders and funders.

We are proud to now deliver a diverse range of services, including therapeutic supports and wellbeing services, as well as community connection, safety and homelessness programs.

But to ensure we are best placed to continue delivering the highest quality support to consumers, we are moving to a new operational structure.

What does this new operational structure look like?

This transition will see Neami change from a state-based operational structure to a function-based operational structure. We anticipate minimal impact on consumers, stakeholders and partners, with local relationships and partnerships continuing as they are.

Objectives of new operational structure

The new structure aims to:

  • Strengthen our service delivery and impact with consumers.
  • Enable us to partner, continuously improve our services and innovate more effectively.
  • Elevate and strengthen lived experience leadership.
  • Maintain high-quality consumer experiences by ensuring evidence-based best practice is delivered consistently by Neami services across Australia.
  • Increase our focus on service-specific innovation, clinical governance and continuous improvement.

Two operating networks will be established with a Service Excellence Hub at the heart and Neami is currently undergoing a detailed organisational design to support these new networks and hub. A Future State Operations Project team has been established to oversee and deliver this work.

We look forward to keeping you updated throughout this project.