2022-24 Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan launch

25 May 2022
Neami is proud to announce the launch of our second RAP, the 2022-24 Innovate RAP.

The current level of disadvantage faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people within Australia is something Neami is committed to addressing through meaningful actions of power-sharing and representation.

Neami published its first Reconciliation Action Plan in 2019 – 2021. The Innovate RAP planted the seeds for reconciliation at Neami and focused on developing closer partnerships with Indigenous organisations

The goal of the 2022-24 Innovate RAP is to ensure that the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities we work with are represented, prioritised, and power imbalances are addressed.

The 2022-24 RAP focuses on engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, building on effective partnerships to ensure that they play key roles in shaping the services we provide.

An Indigenous governance model will be used as a guide to ensure respectful engagement with local and regional community, facilitating equal input in decision making. Oversight, governance, and community engagement will be our way of ensuring we are accountable to the communities in which we work.