Townsville Women's Health and Wellbeing Service

Trauma-informed counselling, coaching, groups and case management following experiences of domestic, family and gender-based violence.

Monday - Friday
9.00am - 5.30pm
Closed public holidays

Kate Krause | Manager

Townsville Women’s Health and Wellbeing Service offers support for women who have experienced domestic, family and gender-based violence.

Tailored and holistic support helps women to achieve better wellbeing through:

  • trauma-informed counselling
  • case management
  • capacity-building supports.

Support is confidential and free.

Our approach

Available supports



Our approach

We acknowledge the broader cultural context of disrespect towards women as a precursor to gender-based violence and the pervasive impacts of violence across various elements of wellbeing, including self-esteem, sense of identity and emotional avoidance.

Our services are underpinned by the Collaborative Recovery Model (CRM), a person-centred, strengths-based recovery approach that supports collaboration and autonomy.

This approach sees staff and clients working in close collaboration to identify hopes and strengths and develop capability to achieve goals across physical and mental health, housing, employment, education, and financial security needs.

Available supports

Townsville Women’s Health and Wellbeing service offers a range of support to women, including:

Trauma-informed counselling

Using a trauma-informed approach to minimise re-traumatisation and promote healing and recovery, our Wellbeing Coaches work with clients to identify individual strengths, increase healthy coping strategies, and make positive changes.

Individual case management

Working with women to identify strengths and collaboratively develop individual wellbeing goals and plans, while also helping to connect women with relevant local services based on their needs.

Health and Wellbeing group programs

A holistic approach to wellbeing in a group setting supporting people to identify stresses and vulnerabilities, as well as strategies to promote safety, self-efficacy, resilience and wellbeing.


The Townsville Women’s Health and Wellbeing Service is free and available to:

  • women and young women
  • those who are recovering from experiences of domestic, family and gender-based violence
  • those living in the Townsville and surrounding area.


To make a referral to Townsville Women’s Health and Wellbeing Service, please complete and return the Referral Form via email.

Townsville Women’s Health and Wellbeing Service is a Neami National service funded by the Office for Women and Violence Prevention Department of Justice and Attorney-General.