Partners in Wellbeing

02/30-32 Sydney Road, Brunswick VIC 3056

Monday - Friday
8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Closed public holidays

Damian Medley | Service Manager

Get support to manage stress, anxiety and improve your wellbeing

If you are not coping or have been feeling distressed, anxious or down over several weeks, help is available through Partners in Wellbeing service.

The free service offers one-on-one support to help you improve your wellbeing, develop strategies to cope and provide emotional support when and as you need it.

Understand how Partners in Wellbeing can support you

Through coaching and practical advice, your Wellbeing Coach will help you find strategies to manage stress, anxiety and improve your wellbeing and resilience.

Partners in Wellbeing website

Get started or refer someone

Make a self-referral

To get started with the service in your area you can call 1300 375 330 or use the online form.

Make a self-referral

We encourage referrals from people who identify as LGBTIQ, culturally diverse, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people, veterans and people experiencing homelessness.

Make a referral for someone else

If you would like to refer someone you know, you must first discuss this with them and have their consent to make the referral on their behalf. 

Pre-screen checklist for referrers

Referral form

For more information, you can contact the service in your region.

About Partners in Wellbeing

Partners in Wellbeing is funded by the Victorian Government and is being delivered by Neami National, EACH and the ACSO across Victoria.