Neami Albany Step-Up Step-Down

17 Diprose Crescent, Spencer Park WA 6330

Monday - Friday 9:00AM to 5:30PM

Damien Roper | Service Manager

Neami Albany is a short-term, mental health residential recovery service that offers either step up support (for people at risk of being admitted to a hospital) or a step down in support (for people leaving hospital but need extra support before moving back into the community).

This service is not a replacement for a hospital stay but can prevent the need to go to hospital when people are aware that they’re becoming unwell.

The service is available to anyone living in the Great Southern Region with a mental illness diagnosis.

Neami Albany is run by a team of Community Rehabilitation and Support Workers, Peer Support Workers, a Senior Practice Leader, AOD Worker and Service Manager with clinical supports and treatment available when required.

The six-bed centre offers 24-hour support and a range of group and individual rehabilitation and recovery programs.

Individual work

Neami staff work with participants to reduce distress related to mental illness and to avoid admission or re-admission to acute inpatient hospital care.
This includes working with participants in these areas:

  • Assessing immediate and long-term needs
  • Monitoring safety and wellbeing
  • Developing a relapse prevention plan
  • Liaising with clinical services, carers and the community
  • Referring to community supports upon leaving
  • Developing exit plans and facilitating family involvement where appropriate
  • Maintaining wellness and overall health (including the option of attending the Sleep Group and/or participating in the Kick the Habit Program to assist with tobacco minimisation)

Group work

The main group programs provided are the Optimal Health Program (OHP) and Flourish.

The Optimal Health Program begins in a group setting but recognises that recovery is an individual process. Through OHP, participants are supported to meet their personal goals.

Flourish is a fun, peer-led, recovery-focused self-development program that works towards identifying personal strengths and values and working towards recovery goals.


To be eligible for this service, participants need to be between 16 and 64 years and eleven months of age and:

  • Have a primary diagnosis of a mental health illness
  • Have a mental health case manager or treating clinician that will continue to take clinical responsibility for the individual during their stay
  • No longer require acute inpatient level mental health intervention and treatment, or
  • Are living in the community and require additional specialist mental health treatment and intervention to prevent the risk of further deterioration or relapse.
  • Don’t require care in an inpatient unit.
  • Voluntarily agree to participate in the recovery program, including those that might be on Community Treatment Orders (CTO).


Referrals can be made via GPs, Clinical Case Managers or Primary Health Providers.

All referrals will be considered with reference to the eligibility criteria, and feedback on the outcome will be provided to the referrer in a reasonable time.

Part of the referral process also requires the person being referred to be available for an assessment prior to placement.