Feedback and complaints

Feedback and complaints are welcome in all Neami services and other organisational areas.

We respond to feedback and complaints directly to resolve issues in a timely manner. We also use the information to improve Neami services and view feedback and complaints as learning opportunities.

How to give feedback or make a complaint

You can provide feedback in several ways:

  • Speak directly with your support worker, service manager or state manager
  • Contact your local Neami service 
  • Call the Neami feedback line on 1300 147 600
  • Contact the Feedback and Complaints team
  • Post a letter to us at:
    Attention: National Complaints Officer
    Neami National
    4-8 Water Road
    Preston VIC, 3072

What to expect from the process

Neami will respond to your feedback or complaint in a fair, timely and unbiased way.

We will receive your feedback or complaint in good faith and you will not be disadvantaged in any way as a result of making a complaint.

Any necessary actions to resolve the issue will be carried out to the best of our ability and we will always work with you to try and find a satisfactory resolution.

Feedback and complaints are treated respectfully and confidentially with the option to remain anonymous.

Neami will acknowledge the receipt of all feedback and complaints within three working days and take action within 10 days if required.

We welcome the use of advocates or support people at any stage of the feedback process.

Submitting a complaint to an external agency

Consumers and carers also have the right to make a complaint about Neami to external agencies and regulators. There are a number of organisations that might be able to receive your complaint.

Making a complaint or providing critical feedback takes a huge amount of courage, we want to support people in exercising their rights.

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