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Our employee promise

Who are we? Our Story.

We are a leading organisation in the mental health sector, with over 1,000 employees supporting people in local communities across Australia.  Our dedicated teams work in metro, regional and rural communities, supporting over 27,000 Australians a year to make positive changes to their mental health and wellbeing.

We have been providing mental health support for over 30 years. We were founded on an alliance between professionals, individuals and their families. Collaborative recovery remains at the heart of who we are today.

To provide valued and meaningful support, we know that building connections and listening to the expertise, knowledge and experience of the people we support is key. We work with people with a lived experience of mental health challenges as valued partners in the design, delivery and evaluation of services.

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What we do

We provide mental health, housing and homelessness, and suicide prevention support services, and we work together to strengthen local communities.

Personalisation, flexibility and contextualisation. Our focus is on the people we support, their unique needs and aspirations – in the context of what is going on in their lives, their communities and the wider socio-political-environment.

Walk alongside people.  Through creating connections and understanding what matters to people who use our services, we walk alongside people to improve their wellbeing, live independently and pursue a fulfilling life based on their own values and goals.  

Develop, nourish and support new ways of working.  As an organisation, we proactively develop our capabilities and resources to adapt and respond, to support positive change, and to take a proactive approach to ‘giving it a go’.

Voice and advocacy.  We support high-quality, ethical research and evaluation that drives our decisions about what we do, and translates knowledge into improved services and better outcomes for people seeking mental health support.

Meaningful relationships. We create and nurture connections and work in partnership with community and clinical services to achieve positive change.

Sustainable outcomes. In our approach and service activities we work to create the conditions for long term impact and sustainable positive outcomes. We honour this land and will work in partnership with First Nations people to tread gently. 

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What we believe in

Diversity and inclusion

We celebrate, value and include people of all backgrounds, genders, sexualities, cultures, bodies and abilities. 
Our commitment to diversity and inclusion makes our teams, services and organisation stronger and more effective. We value lived experience voices in enabling understanding and creating meaningful change. 

89% of staff believe Neami provides a culturally safe and inclusive working environment*.  

We cultivate inclusive environments with staff, consumers and carers. We work in partnership with First Nations people who can lead us to better connections to ourselves, our communities and to nature.

Our staff told us:

  • “Diversity is highly encouraged - diversity in opinion, understanding and perception.” 
  • “I feel understood and supported in acknowledging and utilising my lived experience in my role. My managers take the time to ensure that I am feeling mentally safe when working with clients who present with complex needs.”

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People at the center

We place people who use our services at the center of planning, advocacy and service provision.  Meaningful connection between Neami staff and the people we support is central to the way we work. 

Our staff told us:

“Decision making starts with, ‘what is the benefit for the individual?’”  

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We foster collaborative environments built on safety, trust, and respect. We create and nurture connections and empower teams to work together, striving to understand the needs of people we support to achieve positive outcomes. 

Our staff told us:

“[Being] able to influence improvements for better outcomes, has really come across through a collaborative approach in setting up the new centre – everyone gets the opportunity to give input from their areas of expertise and management listen well to that and allow it to inform ideas/outcomes discussions.“     

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Why Neami? A Great Workforce, A Great Place to Work.

We are made up of people from many walks of life with a shared base of values. We provide employee experiences that are satisfying and connected to our overall purpose.

We encourage our employees to bring their full selves, in a safe and accommodating environment where they are free to express their different personas and to balance their professional and personal priorities.

89% of staff would recommend Neami as a great place to work*. 

89% of staff are proud to work for Neami.*  

87% of staff feel that Neami promotes a workplace that is free from bullying, harassment and discrimination.*  

Shared purpose

Team members across service sites and head office support are connected to our overall purpose and make a meaningful contribution to supporting better mental health and wellbeing. 

In a 2021 staff survey, staff told us that what attracted them to working at Neami, was the desire to support people experiencing mental ill-health and to contribute to social impact. Providing meaningful support to people, was also one of the top two reasons Neami staff shared as their reason for continuing to work at Neami. 

Our staff told us:

  • “Neami is an organisation that wants to make real change for individuals, families, services, communities and sector”.
  • “It’s a privilege to walk alongside consumers and for them to share what they do with us.”
  • “Helping people in need and making a change in the community is what brought me to Neami.” 

Staff wellbeing and benefits

We prioritise staff wellbeing. We know that to deliver great services, we first need to ensure that we’re supporting staff to look after themselves. In a 2022 staff survey, staff told us that the number one reason they remain working at Neami is the supportive work environment, with the flexibility offered at Neami in the top three. 

We also have a proud history of providing sector leading employment terms and conditions and a range of benefits inclusive of salary packaging. Neami offers a range of leave entitlements including carers leave, cultural leave, NAIDOC Week leave, paid partner leave, study leave, wellness leave and family violence leave, as well as monthly Accrued Days Off (ADOs) and gratis leave.

89% of staff would recommend Neami as a great place to work.*  

Our staff told us:

  • “Circumstances change in our daily lives and Neami supports those changes.”
  • “The flexibility to prioritise personal/health/wellbeing needs and how that helps us feel valued as a human being.”   

Purposeful partnerships

We are proud to be known for our strong collaborative relationships with the organisations and communities that support better health and wellbeing outcomes for people experiencing with mental ill-health.

We collaborate with the local community, clinical and health services. By working together, we enable better outcomes for the people we support and provide better access to mental health and wellbeing support.

87% of Neami staff feel like they are part of a team.* 

Neami team members told us:

“Neami has a commitment to ‘sharing’, building relationships, partnerships and working together – supporting whole of sector to ‘be better’.”

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Life-long learning

We encourage and foster an environment of skill-building and learning supported by reflective practice, and professional and personal development.  

Our commitment to ongoing learning and development is demonstrated through our resourcing of an in-house learning and development team, that supports staff nationally from induction and onboarding, through continuous development and training. 

78% of staff feel that Neami makes a contribution to their professional development.*  

77% of staff feel that Neami provides opportunities to develop their skills.*  

Neami team members told us:

  • “Personal development from doing the work we do, exposure to working with different people and learning how to respectfully interact with different people   Gaining and increasing your knowledge”
  • “Being part of panels for recruitment or other aspects of service can be positive factors in feeling like we are valued and that the contributions we make are developing our careers.”

Be a part of Neami and make a difference.

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We are always on the lookout for talented and driven individuals to join our team and encourage you to reach out and start a conversation with us.

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*Source:  Neami Engagement Survey 2021

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