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Why work at Neami

We understand that in order to provide the very best mental health services, we need to invest in our teams. We do that by prioritising positive culture, supporting our staff, and fostering an environment of learning and innovation.

A thriving organisation

Sustaining a positive and vibrant company culture has been vital to our success. We’re driven by our values of respect, empowerment, diversity and growth. We believe that the embodiment of these values and our positive company culture was demonstrated in the results of our 2018 Staff Engagement Survey. Results found that:

  • 85% of staff would recommend Neami as a great place to work
  • 87% of staff are proud to work for Neami
  • 90% of staff believed Neami provides a culturally safe and inclusive working environment that values and includes staff of all backgrounds, genders, sexualities, cultures, bodies and abilities.

Staff wellbeing

In recognising the importance of the wellbeing of all staff and the sometimes challenging environment of our work, Neami has a proud history of providing excellent terms and conditions of employment and a range of benefits that are amongst the most generous in our sector and beyond.

Learning and innovation

Everything we do to support people to improve their mental health and wellbeing relies on our talented, well-trained and passionate staff members.

In acknowledgement of that, we continue to invest in learning and development. We have an in-house learning and development team to help ensure our teams and programs remain amongst the most innovative and forward thinking in the sector. We also offer generous study leave and a study scholarship program to encourage continuous learning.

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"Being involved with consumers as they rediscover parts of themselves and develop a broader understanding of their journey has been an honour."

Peer employment

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"Focusing on new opportunities for Neami – I think it’s a really exciting place to be in the organisation."

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