Residential rehabilitation

Short, medium and long-term residential services help to regain independence or transition back to the community after hospital.

Rebecca and Michael

Residential rehabilitation services provide a recovery-oriented supportive environment enabling you to:

  • Focus on developing and working towards personal recovery goals.
  • Plan for transition back into community living
  • Establish daily routines including cooking, cleaning, and shopping
  • Develop and maintain links with your local community

Our programs help to provide space and time to reflect on your recovery journey as well as targeted opportunities to develop in a way that supports lasting life changes.

Medium to long-term residential services support for people with severe and enduring mental health issues.

The service is run by a multi-disciplinary team of community support workers, including people with an experience of mental health recovery. You will regularly meet with your team of support staff including health professionals to identify and work towards your lifestyle and wellbeing goals.