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Dr James Coutinho

Research and Evaluation Lead

James (they/them) is a social scientist with a background in organisation studies and expertise in mixed-research methods. They have extensive experience leading research and consultancy projects to help organisations solve collaboration and coordination problems, improve operations and service delivery, and promote positive outcomes such as innovation and employee well-being. As well as possessing high-level knowledge of quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis, James is an expert in social network analysis (SNA), a research methodology that uncovers the networks of informal relationships that shape organisational culture and drive organisational outcomes.

In their work James is motivated to understand how organisations function and how we can design them to be more effective. In the past they have studied diverse contexts including aerospace manufacturers, worker co-operatives, creative organisations, healthcare organisations, government departments and criminal groups. At Neami they are applying their deep knowledge of organising to evaluate the effectiveness of integrated mental health and alcohol and other drug (AOD) service delivery and think about how integrated service delivery can be improved.

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