Head to Health

Welcoming, safe and inclusive services offering immediate and short-term support to reduce distress and connect people with ongoing support if required.

Through co-design and collaboration with Primary Health Networks (PHNs) and local communities, Neami is developing and delivering four of the eight trial Adult Mental Health Centres, known as Head to Health services, across Australia.

Each Head to Health service is tailored to the needs of the local community and offers a combination of peer-led recovery and clinical support to provide a warm, welcoming and high-quality experience including:

  • immediate mental health support for people in distress
  • short-term mental health and wellbeing support
  • service navigation and helpful, relevant  information
  • connection and referral for ongoing support.

Head to Health services aim to ease the burden on the public hospital system and provide more accessible services to those needing mental health support, their carers and families.

A safe and inclusive model of support

Drawing on more than 30 years of experience in providing complex recovery-based support, Neami's Head to Health services provide a high-engagement, recovery-based experience for each person.

Designed in collaboration with the community, each service is shaped through a co-design process that brings together people with a lived experience of recovery, carers and family, mental health professionals, support services and first-responders.

Run in partnership to support better outcomes

Head to Health services are delivered in partnership with PHNs and local service partners and funders.

Working together allows us to offer something new to benefit consumers and the community. By collaborating, we can offer services with a 'no wrong door' approach to access and support.

Sharing knowledge and expertise with community and clinical services, also helps everyone to understand how to best support good mental health.