The Optimal Health Program (OHP)

OHP is a group-based program that supports people to engage with, and self-manage, their health and wellbeing.

The program provides tools to help set your own priorities and work towards progress in your chosen goals.

Participants have reported benefits of OHP to include:

  • Prevention of acute illness and relapse
  • Less time spent in hospital and acute health services
  • Greater confidence in managing their wellbeing
  • Improved use of collaborative partners and supports

The Optimal Health Program is the result of research to develop a self-management program promoting hope, growth and collaboration by Frameworks for Health at St Vincent’s Health Melbourne.

It is instilled with a collaborative therapy approach that supports the exploration of an individual’s wellbeing; through reflection, setting of goals, self-managed strategies and health plans.

The program is designed to support participants to manage stresses and vulnerabilities, and to address health behaviours that contribute to poor quality of life.

OHP fosters critical thinking and self-regulation, both key skills in recovery; with positive effects in increasing self-efficacy, resilience and increased capacity for pro-active health seeking and self-care behaviour. It has also proven to increase functioning and decrease hospitalisations.