Ending Homelessness in Australia Report

07 February 2022
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The Ending Homelessness in Australia Report: an Evidence and Policy Deep Dive provides an understanding of the national state of homelessness in Australia.

The Centre for Social ImpactNeami National and the Australian Alliance to End Homelessness launched the Ending Homelessness in Australia report as we, and many others in the community, work towards the goal of ending homelessness in Australia.

The objectives of this report are to collate and assess the current evidence base on the state of homelessness in Australia and its key drivers, and, to set out an evidence-informed policy and practice agenda towards ending homelessness in Australia.

The Ending Homelessness in Australia Report provides another step in understanding the national state of homelessness in Australia, made possible by the unique collaboration between states, service providers, peaks, researchers, and a commitment to data, evidence and research. This has allowed the pooling of multiple sources of data to build a stronger understanding of what is driving and sustaining homelessness in Australia, and what is needed to shift the dial. This report provides progress towards national benchmarking and our ability to track progress towards ending homelessness.