People with disability

People living with disability are best supported by organisations and services that provide consideration and action around different access requirements to enable full inclusion and participation.

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Neami is working towards our goal of being a safe and inclusive organisation for people of all backgrounds, genders, sexualities, cultures, bodies and abilities. While we want to talk with you about your mental health, we also want to hear from you about anything you might need to make sure you feel welcome, safe and included at our service.  

We understand that for people living with disability it can be the barriers related to discrimination and exclusion that are far more disabling than level of ability. And, that this is true across both service and employment access.

We also recognise that as people living with disability you are not solely defined by your disability and that you have a number of strengths and abilities that define who you are. Neami can work with you to explore your individual strengths and values and how they can support you to live a meaningful life.

While we are well-established working with psycho-social disability, we are still working on developing our service model so that it is more inclusive and aware of intellectual, physical and neurological disability requirements. 

We are always learning about how we can be more inclusive, so we encourage you to share with us how we can best do this and provide feedback on what we can improve. You can contact our feedback service.

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