Risk Management

We recognise organisational risk management is a core component of providing quality of care and support to consumers.

Neami adopts a coordinated and integrated approach to risk management consistent with ISO 31000:2009 Risk Management – Principles and Guidelines.

Strategic and high-level organisational risk management strategies and mitigation are analysed by the Finance, Assurance and Risk Management Committee and the Quality Safety and Clinical Governance Committee of the Board. 

The Neami Risk Management Framework consists of two distinct processes:

  • Risk Governance process
  • Risk enabling processes

Risk Governance process

The Governance process includes the following elements:

  • Definition of structural arrangements includes Board Charter, Finance, Audit and Business Risk Committee Charter, Committee Charters and roles responsibility definition
  • Set Directions for risk management activities includes strategy, approach and the defined levels of assessment for undertaking risk assessments as stipulated in policy
  • Manage and facilitate risk management activities includes the development of an annual risk management plan for managing activities
  • Definition of reporting  and assurance requirements includes the assurance of the Organisation Risk Profile, Incident Reports & Analysis, Audit & Assurance reports, & Risk Management Attestations

Risk enabling processes

The Enabling processes includes:

  • Methodology and guidelines for assessing risks
  • Risk management information systems for managing risk and control information

Neami National has a dedicated risk management software program in place to assist in the effective management of all organisational risk.