Implementing Neami’s Future State

31 October 2023
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Neami is currently implementing a new operational structure that will better support our service delivery.

As an organisation we’ve grown and evolved significantly over the past few years. In the last financial year we supported 38,000 people, through a diverse range of services in communities across Australia.

For the past 30 years we’ve been delivering high-quality practice, innovation, and impact through our service delivery in local areas. We have reviewed our operational structure as we see an opportunity to better draw on this excellent local work and deliver it in a more consistent and effective way for the future.

Neami’s operational structure is changing to a model where services across the country will now be grouped in ‘streams’ of similar services rather than in a state-based geographic structure.

By grouping similar services we can better support consumers, partners and communities as well as share learnings both inside and outside of Neami, spark innovation and more easily build and demonstrate our impact both at a local and national level.

Working towards a Service Excellence Hub 

We are also in the process of establishing a Service Excellence Hub. The Hub will drive national collaboration, learning and innovation. It will ensure consistency in quality and safety, best practice and continuous improvement, while working to contextualise practice to meet local community needs.

The Service Excellence Hub will help Neami to intentionally centre diverse perspectives and embed our approach to Lived and Living Experience workforce and leadership. It will provide a central point for service improvement activity.

What will the streams look like? 

The streams are:

  • Integrated Support – These services provide therapeutic support for individuals experiencing mental health challenges.
  • Mental Health hubs – Our hubs are central locations for people experiencing distress to access free support, including their families or carers.
  • Community Connection and Wellbeing – These services focus on walking alongside people to support them through holistic, community-based models of care.
  • Safety and Homelessness – A range of services relating to suicide prevention, family violence support, young people and homelessness.

Each of our streams will be headed up by a Director:

  • Integrated Support – Nicole Jolly
  • Mental Health Hubs – Peter Warden
  • Community Connection and Wellbeing – Karen Thomas
  • Safety and Homelessness – Di Nally

We expect the implementation of Neami’s new operational structure will run until January 2024. Our priority continues to be the delivery of high-quality services to consumers and a safe and seamless transition for staff.

We look forward to keeping you updated as we progress.