Value the wealth of our land

06 May 2024
Teresa Env
By Teresa Hall

The bottlebrush, beautiful, home to many birds and critters, grows everywhere in Perth and yet can make refreshing cordials and delicious garnishes for treats! How crazy is it that we are surrounded by such beautiful and delicious foods rich in vitamins and nutrients, designed to grow for exactly where we live yet we ignore its value completely and instead spend all our energy destroying our environment to grow food that struggles to flourish in our climate. Imagine if native ingredients were a large and normal part of our cuisine, sourced from First Nations owned companies. How much more appreciation we would have for our environment, for the wisdom of our First Nations people and how much less destruction we would need to create to satisfy our taste buds let alone just to feed ourselves. It’s never been about our land being scarce of food, our country has been sustaining people for over 60,000 years. It’s just our colonial society has chosen to not value what it has right in front of it, and totally disregarded the wealth of cultural knowledge that’s been refined for so long before it.