Resilient not broken

06 May 2024
Teresa Syst
By Teresa Hall

We don’t always create our fall; we have often been hurt in our softness and innocence. We don’t always run away from our wellness; we just value our freedom. We may be worn and ragged, we may have been trodden on and discarded, but there is beauty in our story, there is value in our being. Don’t treat us like a lost cause, or that we are weak because we have fallen. Reframe how you see us, maybe you’ll see how strong we are to have gotten this far, faced things you could never dream of facing, made hope out of nightmares and dreams out of fears. We have faced the darkest parts of life and are working our way out to the other side. See our worth, encourage our contribution. We are not broken goods; we are resilient beings in the process of transformation.