Holding Space

06 May 2024
Teresa Comm
By Teresa Hall

The dark things in life are hard to face. It’s something we can’t control, something we can’t ever fully understand and something we naturally fear. When we run from it, we make it harder and harder to face. When society runs from it it makes it harder and harder to face together. When we lose someone, when we talk about death, when someone becomes unwell, when our head starts doing weird and wonderful things or we are dealing with trauma or abuse, it can feel so alone. We are surrounded by others who refuse to face that these things are part of life so when we are forced to face it, whether we choose to or not, it can be so confronting for those around us we love that they do anything to jump ship or pretend it’s not there. We are left alone, facing the hardest things we will ever have to face. The ugly parts of our story, the ugly parts of us, the ugly parts of life. But then we find those who stop and acknowledge life for what it is. Who aren’t afraid to face the hard parts of life and who get the need to face them together. There we can find the beauty in the safety of someone holding space for us, for all of us and all of life.