The value of lived experience

We understand and respect the value of lived experience. Peer work, participation and co-design enrich the development and delivery of our services.

Peer Support

Peer Support Workers are integral members of the Neami team and are employed at Neami services across the country. Peer Support Workers draw on their lived experience to support consumers in their recovery.

At Neami services, Peer Support Workers are at the centre of the Flourish program, a peer-led self-development group program that supports people to identify specific tasks and activities to support the achievement of personal recovery goals.

We invest in the professional development and training of Peer Support Workers. Peer Work provides both an avenue for people to re-enter the workforce in a supportive work environment and an important profession in supporting others recovering from mental illness into employment.

The importance of experience

Flourish is a peer-led, recovery focused, self-development group that is fun, interactive and helps you to explore your values and strengths.

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Consumer participation has been embedded into Neami's approach since our inception in 1987, with people with a lived experience of recovery represented across all levels of the organisation.

Consumer participation is embedded in every aspect of Neami – from local, site-based opportunities through to committee membership, focus groups and policy and procedure development.

We support the rights of people engaged with our services to exert influence. Respect, self-determination, empowerment and partnership give shape to consumer participation, and diversity is key to capturing the variety of perspectives.

Genuine participation of consumers across all areas of Neami is supported by the Consumer Participation Framework. This framework sets out the principles and processes that guide the way Neami works together with consumers. We seek to provide opportunities that:

  • Are tailored to the particular needs of consumers
  • Develop social, communication, network and planning skills
  • Contribute to enhanced satisfaction with the service

Services designed in collaboration with the community

A collaborative co-design process can help to shape our services in meeting the needs of local communities.

Co-design is a collaborative process that involves working with a diverse mix of people to design new solutions. Taking a co-design approach means we are “designing with” the people affected by a problem or opportunity to ensure that new solutions will meet their needs.

We actively pursue co-design opportunities that include people with a lived experience of recovery, carers and family, community support and health professionals, first-responders and other supports.

While each co-design process is different we generally draw from comprehensive community experience to understand:

  • what is needed to provide a positive experience
  • how to best integrate with existing services
  • what makes the right service at the right time.

Get involved in improving Neami services

We invite you to get involved in a range of activities where you can share your perspective or collaborate in making decisions that affect your life.

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