Positive change in local communities

Working in partnership with community and clinical services helps to achieve positive change.

graphic_reduced unmet needsReduce unmet needs

Our approach provides us with evidence of positive outcomes for people with mental health concerns including reduced unmet needs and an increased experience of self-efficacy and hope.

Consumers and staff use evidence-based tools to monitor changes in need to help target interventions in areas that consumers find most meaningful to them help support people making changes that create a positive impact.

As we work with consumers, we see a decrease in the average number of unmet needs as individuals move through recovery and identify new goals and expectations.

graphic_reduced hospital

Reduce hospital stays

We integrate with clinical services and primary care, enabling fast-track access to specialist services with a recovery focus.

Evidence shows that early and effective intervention can prevent acute episodes, avoid higher-levels of trauma, and reduce the need for hospital stays.

In collaboration with inpatient and community-based clinical services, we evaluate and adapt our services to support consumers to avoid hospitalisations as they become unwell.

This work also includes supporting a consumer’s transition back to the community following hospitalisation. We design services to integrate with clinical services and primary care, enabling fast-track access to specialist services with a recovery focus.

graphic_improved physical health

Improve health and social equity

We take a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, continuing to improve the way we support consumers to enjoy better physical health and social inclusion.

We also see that by removing barriers to competitive employment we have been able to enhance the social inclusion and participation people we support. Integrating the expertise of employment specialists we support people to pursue employment, vocation and education goals.


graphic_Strong health system

Build a stronger health system

We bring expertise in mental health and recovery to partnerships to deliver a collective impact.

By collaborating with primary health, clinical mental health and other community organisations, we can offer holistic services with a ‘no wrong door’ approach to access and support.

We strive to improve the sector as a whole by maintaining open and robust relationships with partners, as well as sharing our knowledge through training, learning and development. Sharing knowledge and expertise helps everyone to understand how to best support good mental health and build awareness of our services.

Evidence-based and backed by over 30 years of experience

Our way of working is informed by current research and person-centred practice, backed by over 30 years of experience in the community mental health sector.

Our approach