Far West Mental Health Recovery Centre

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Old War Vets Rd, Thomas St Entrance, Broken Hill, NSW, 2880
Wilyakali country
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About the Far West Mental Health Recovery Centre

The Far West Mental Health Recovery Centre is a short-term support service for people who are at risk of requiring hospital treatment for their mental health challenges, or who are leaving hospital and require additional support to transition back into the community and avoid relapse. 


Who is this for?

This service is for people:

  • Aged 18-64 and eligible for mental health or drug and alcohol services in the Far West Local Health District. (Other ages are considered based on individual circumstances). 
  • Able to cooperatively engage in a group setting and willing to participate in the Optimal Health Program 
  • Not using illicit substances/drugs or alcohol during your time with the service 
  • Have a fixed address or permanent place of residence 

You must also be: 

  • Exhibiting early warning signs of acute mental health challenges and requiring increased support and treatment to prevent hospital admission or 
  • Requiring additional support following an acute inpatient admission to support a transition back into the community 

What to expect

The service is not a replacement for acute inpatient care but an option that can prevent the need for hospitalisation when people are aware they are becoming unwell. 


We are a 10 bed centre offering 24-hour support and a range of individual and group rehabilitation and recovery programs. 

Clinical supports and treatment are available onsite as required. 

The service is run by a multi-disciplinary team of community support workers, including people with a lived and living experience of mental health recovery. 

The average stay is 2-6 weeks.


Each person is assessed and monitored during that time. 


Individual work 

We work with you to reduce distress from your mental health challenges and to avoid admission or re-admission to acute inpatient hospital care. 

We support you in the following areas: 

  • Assessing your immediate and long-term needs 
  • Monitoring your safety and wellbeing 
  • Developing a relapse prevention plan 
  • Liaising with clinical services, carers and the community 
  • Referring to community supports upon leaving 
  • Developing exit plans and facilitating family involvement where appropriate

Group work

The main group program we provide is the Optimal Health Program, which focuses on:

  • Recognising symptoms
  • Monitoring early warning signs
  • Developing an action plan to support
  • Daily coping skills managing symptoms and medication
  • Relapse prevention
  • Understanding stress, vulnerability and coping
  • Maintaining wellness and overall health

The Optimal Health Program begins in a group setting but recognises that recovery is an individual process. Staff assist you to meet your personal goals.

Programs at this service

How to access this service

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You can call our service during opening hours. Your call with our staff will be confidential.

Call us on 08 8080 1365
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Old War Vets Rd, Thomas St Entrance, Broken Hill, NSW, 2880
Wilyakali country
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The Far West Mental Health Recovery Centre is operated by Neami National and funded by Far West Local Health District.

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