Active8 is a free, person-centred physical health program to identify and work on physical health goals.

What is Active8?

Active8 is delivered across Neami NSW and selected CoS services, and offers a combination of four programs:

  • Eat Plant Learn: group program
  • Peer Health Coaching: one-to-one program
  • Kick the Habit: one-to-one program
  • Educational Health Modules

All four of the programs support participants to identify and work towards physical-health-related goals as well as to improve their health literacy, engagement with health services and self-management.

Participants can take part in any of the Active8 programs, according to their identified physical health needs and goals.

Referrals and Eligibility

Referrals to Active8 can be made over the phone or with a simple referral form that can be emailed to the address on the back of this brochure.
Referrals will be accepted from HASI or COS participants (depending on your geographical location) providing the person being referred meets the eligibility criteria and is present when the referral is being made.

  • Experience of mental illness
  • Be able to identify a physical health goal/concern that is related to overweight/obesity
  • Aged over 16
  • A Neami consumer or selected CoS service

About the Active8 programs

Coaching for Physical Health

Coaching for Physical Health is offered by peer workers using a lived experience of recovery providing coaching and support to an individual around their physical health.

Eat Plant Learn

Eat Plant Learn is a peer-led group program that consists of six structured sessions that supports people to learn about healthy eating and to gain skills in growing and cooking food.

Kick the Habit

Kick the Habit is a person-centred tobacco management program that supports people to reduce or quit smoking. It provides one-to-one coaching to assist people in developing an individualised plan based on their own goals and reasons for reducing or quitting.

Health Modules

The NSW Health Modules aim to empower people to address their physical health and wellbeing, by creating awareness and promoting access to education and resources specifically designed for and by people living with mental ill-health. These modules will be delivered in a group setting and will involve discussion, practical learning activities, information sharing, and evaluation.

NSW Health Modules include:

  • Skin Smart
  • Oral Health
  • Tobacco Awareness
  • Healthy Eating


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