Intake assessment and service navigation

A ‘no wrong door’ approach to accessing services can provide fast and easy access to the right mental health support at the right time.

Our intake, assessment, triage and referrals, we work with local services to find the right service at the right time. 

Drawing on strong clinical and community connections we:

  • Ensure that the right service is available at the right time
  • Provide person-centred approaches to accessing services
  • Work with a 'no wrong door' approach
  • Work with GPs and other primary health providers to keep everyone informed
  • Provide governance and evaluation of service performance 

Our experience and deep community connections enable us to provide clear enquiry and referral points for community mental health services.

Our skilled assessment and triage clinician use holistic assessment tools and a person-centred approach to determine an individual’s needs and determine relevant and available support services.