Group programs

Guided and peer-led groups can help to develop knowledge, build skills and find resources to match your personal goals and strengths.

Group programs bring together people receiving support around areas of common interest or need such as:

  • Social and recreational activities
  • Health, wellbeing and fitness
  • Mental health and developing strategies
  • Building life skills
  • Gardening and healthy eating
  • Creativity and the arts

Working with others can help understand and share your experiences and match your recovery with your personal goals and values.

Each Neami service offers a unique mix of group and community activities, taking full advantage of the places and facilities in the local community.

Explore and strengthen your wellbeing

Individual and group support to identify what matters to you and learn strategies to support you to live a meaningful life.

Health Matters

The importance of experience

Flourish is a peer-led, recovery focused, self-development group that is fun, interactive and helps you to explore your values and strengths.


Healthy and sustainable eating

Eat Plant Learn was developed by our Sustainability Team, in collaboration with the Health Promotion Team and a working group of staff and consumers.

Eat Plant Learn

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