Neami supports the Western Australia Country Health Service to develop a peer workforce

Glen James, WA State Manager, recently completed a series of engagements with the Western Australia Country Health Service (WACHS) to assist them in implementing a peer workforce in a clinical setting

The project was a collaboration between Glen, Ellen McNaught (Senior Manager Projects and Innovations) and members of the Service Development team to develop several different options for how WACHS could implement a Peer workforce.

Working collaboratively, the team researched the value of peer workers in a clinical environment. This research included consumer and staff focus groups and consultations with WACHS senior staff. The project team presented five recommended options to WACHS with four subsequently adopted by the WACHS teams, and one accepted in principle.

Further to this, to assist them in the implementation of a peer workforce Neami developed and provided six workshops to the clinical staff.  The workshops focused on understanding the values, roles, types of service, infrastructure and practices involved in supporting the peer workforce to work effectively and sustainably.  At the end of the six workshops Glen James presented a webinar to respond to queries about implementation and recap on the value of peer workers in a clinical mental health space.

Glen said, “It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to be able to assist WACHS in developing their peer workforce.”

For more information, contact Glen James.