Neami partnering to end homelessness in Adelaide

Neami National’s Street to Home service is a major partner in the Don Dunstan Foundation’s Adelaide Zero Project which aims to reduce homelessness to zero in Adelaide by 2020.


This week Hutt St Centre coordinated “Connections Week” where dedicated workers and volunteers from across the homelessness sector have connected with every person sleeping rough in the city to get to know them by name and better understand their needs. Neami has coordinated the “By-Name” list that has resulted from this effort. The aim is to move people on the list into secure housing with the support they need. Neami met with a group of agencies today to identify the first people to be offered 16 new properties provided by Housing SA, Anglicare, and Housing Choices SA. These properties will be made available for people on the list who are the most vulnerable and in need of secure housing. 

For an overview of the data gathered during Connections Week, see the infographic below. If you would like to learn more about Project Zero, visit the Don Dunstan Foundation website.