Collaboration and Integration Award for Links to Wellbeing

In South Australia, Neami’s Links to Wellbeing service has been awarded the Collaboration and Integration Award for outstanding work at the recent Adelaide PHN Awards.

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The award was in recognition of the partnership developed with Catherine House & Housing Choices, Common Ground offering accessible low-intensity services, as well as collaborative care. 

Links to Wellbeing team members, Mary-Jane Honner and Linda Sims were recognised in particular for their role in developing and delivering this initiative. This is great reflection of what Links to Wellbeing is about, collective action, collaboration and innovative practices to reach and support people in new and effective ways. 

As part of the award, the Links to Wellbeing team received recognition for the work they do every day to support people to recover, develop, connect with their community and work toward living a life of positive mental health and wellbeing.

Congratulations to Kim, MJ, Linda and the team!

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